Dazzle the crowd in this amazing beaded spaghetti strap gown with an a-line chiffon skirt. Beads & stones decorate the halter keyhole bust top with spaghetti straps running at the back. Floor length flared a-line polyester chiffon skirt. Mid-low back with zipper closure



When I found this gown I fell in love with the idea that you could be both glamorous and comfortable at the same time while wowing the crowd.  I love that this gown focuses on two areas that most women like to show off...the shoulders and the waist! A-line skirted gowns offer a beautiful ease when moving thru the crowd or on the dance floor and there is nothing better than feeling sexy and comfortable!

Of course, I would always recommend wearing supportive garments under jersey fabric...and that is personal advice from me, a Miss America! I don't sell those on this site but any major retailer does in their intimate apparel section. I love the SPANX brand but it's a very personal choice for every woman. When hanging this gown, please use the hanging straps that are sewn in the gown as not to stretch out the neckline of the bodice.  

As always...please consult the size chart below for each gown as these are determined by style. I would focus more on the bust and waist size for this gown as the a-line skirt can afford more room if you have a fuller hip area.  

My not be emotionally tied to a numeric size...every manufacturer uses their own calculations for sizing womens clothing!  What is important is that you know your measurements and simply go by those, not the numeric title of the size. You are beautiful no matter what the size tag states!