HPM 3005 Frenchy Strapless Gown with AB Beaded Waistline

$150.00 $50.00
Size: 2
Color: Multi-Print

HPM 3005 Frenchy Prom Strapless Gown in a beautiful multi-print chiffon with an amazing AB hand beaded waistline.  This gown was specifically designed for this gorgeous privately sourced material.  The colors are placed to accent the ruching in the bodice and the hemline with a light pattern scattered throughout the gown.




If you want a great fitting gown...this is your gown.  I have personally worn this gown and it fits like a dream.  I also love showing off my waistline and this gown does just that.  Don't shy away from strapless gowns because they feel that they might constantly be tugging at them throughout the night. Buy a Long Line Bra to wear underneath and simply safety pin the bra to near the top of the gown.  I promise you could do cartwheels without the gown slipping down! Check out this long line bra I found online at JCPenny.

Of course, I would always recommend wearing nude  supportive garments under any light colored fabric...and that is personal advice from me, a Miss America! I don't sell those on this site but any major retailer does in their intimate apparel section. I love the SPANX brand but it's a very personal choice for every woman.   If you don't want to wear Spanx like garments then please purchase some NUDE underwear...it's an investment every woman should have in thier wardrobe.

As always...please consult the size chart below for each gown as these are determined by style. My advice...do not be emotionally tied to a numeric size...every manufacturer uses their own calculations for sizing womens clothing!  What is important is that you know your measurements and simply go by those, not the numeric title of the size. You are beautiful no matter what the size tag states!

Frenchy Size Chart

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